Be Synced!

email, contacts, calendar and tasks are always synced across your devices, mobile or not. offers ActiveSync for mobile devices, as well as computer clients support this technology. Apart from this, IMAPs and CalDav is always there, to connect with. Combination of these technologies, offer a compatibility with a variety of clients, such as Microsoft Outlook (fully compatible with versions 2007 and above), Mozilla Thunderbird and many others. has a pretty rich web interface, as well as a client with UI similar to the web one.

Flat storage policy aggregates mailbox storage per domain. With this feature, domain administrator can allocate storage per user, based on the needs.

Mailboxes are offered with two options:

  • A standard 15, 30 or 50GB mailbox. In this case, domain storage is the aggregate of the purchased mailboxes times the size of each mailbox. For instance, purchasing 10 15G mailboxes, gives 150GB storage in total for the domain, which can be allocated accordingly to the users.
  • Combination of a mailbox and storage mailbox of 20GB increments. This scenario is suitable when your need is to have many mail accounts, with smaller amount of data. As an example, you can purchase 100 mailboxes, and 200GB of storage.

For more details, see the pricing section.

AntiSpam and AntiVirus features is equipped with an advanced AV/AS subsystem.

All incoming emails are filtered for Viruses and for SPAM, and in positive case they don’t reach your inbox.

Additionally, these bad emails are quarantined, and each single user (or the domain administrator) can see them, and release them in case of a false positive.

Safety and Security

Safety and security always matters.

Having this in mind, we offer a 30 day backup of your emails. In case of an accidental delete of an email, a contact or even an account, we can point in time recover from a single item to a whole mailbox.

Backup technology is in real time, as well as recovery. Every single item enters your mailbox, is getting backed up instantly. We can recover an item to the time requested. No service disruption in any case. uses SSL encryption for any kind of communication.

Optionally, S/MIME can be implemented upon request, with additional charges. Ask us.

Administration per domain

Each domain can have one ore more administrators, who can control the domain’s characteristics.

Domain administrator, can add (up to the given limits), delete, modify users, change user’s properties, and check domain’s quarantines.

Mobile device policies can also be applied, for security or policy purposes.

Concluding, is a perfect mail environment for companies.

More features offers plenty of features which can make your life easier.

  • email sharing: You can share a part of your mailbox, to an external or internal person.
  • Calendar and Task sharing: Create shared calendars, and give access to people inside or outside your organization.
  • Briefcase: Store documents and files to your mailbox, and have the available everywhere.
  • Mobile device management: each user can control the mobile devices connected to his account.


We offer support for the service 24/7 via out Ticketing System, or email.

Our team is always ready to guide and assist you with the setup and migration procedure.

Our vision is to create win-win partnerships, and not just client-provider relationships.

Need Customization? can be customized with your logos, colour-scheme and urls, with additional charges. This can be useful either for personalizing the platform on your company’s needs, either by offering the service white labeled to your end customers.

S/MIME can be implemented per case, for additional security.

In any case contact us. information

Platform is based on Zimbra Collaborative Suite, enhanced by Zextras. Design, implementation and maintenance is performed exclusively by BlueTraction. infrastructure is located in Bratislava (Slovakia) and Paris (France). Our goal is to expand more, to improve localization and availability.

Infrastructure is hosted in Tier-3 datacenters, with multiple upstream internet providers. Offered SLA for the service, is 99.9%. With multiple locations you will be 100% sure, that all emails sent to your organization, will reach their destination.